With summer at a end what are you doing to spice up your girls and hens nights? The enquires this month has been a bit overwhelming but to be honest, but as long as you girls are happy then we know we are doing something right!

Male Review may have only just started a few months ago, however our male strippers ready to attend your next private hens night or girls party from most places in Australia. Yes, they will come to you! These guys are not the type guys you see at the gym, yes they have amazing bodies but that’s not what only a Male Stripper needs. Most of Male Review guys are actors, performing artists, musicians, stuntman and more! Which means they perform every day so therefore they are more than qualified for the job to please you and all your friends. However, it does not end there. The Male Review boys can take on a wide range of personas and have the costumes to go with it! Simply check out our guys profiles to see how you want to be entertained.

Do you prefer a fireman to put our your fire?

fireman dancer

How about a cop to hand cuff you ready to be punished?

police man stripper

Or what about a muay thai fighter to dominate you for a few rounds until we need to throw in the towel to clean up after you?


Or simply a Romeo to romance you and bring shivers up and down your spine?

The list goes on! And since we do not want to spoil all the surprises I guess you need to simply find out for yourself!

Before you start to quiver and make a mess you can also have one of our male topless waiters to serve you and your girls throughout the whole night and attend to your every need. We don’t want you ladies to go and fetch your own drinks, what kind of world has this become! A woman needs to be spoilt as she deserves to be and what a great way is it to be spoilt by topless respectful hunks with perfect bodies while you can enjoy your night with your best of friends.

Can’t wait to meet you girls! Let’s get in touch.