So we actually spoke a sample of girls to give us their thoughts on the Male Review guys based on their favourite physical attributes and here are the results!

Ichinos’ mysterious eyes

Eyes are one of the things people look at first, so having beautiful and great eyes is a really big bonus. But in Ichinos’ case, his eyes are the type you’d see in a good fantasy story. Ichinos has the eyes every woman has dreamt on seeing, the strong and lustful gaze that makes your body shiver and melt into a oblivion of mysteries and tainted thoughts.

Drew’s inviting lips

Very much like the Arrow and Teen wolf superstar Colton Haynes, Drew has his own attractive and kissable lips that lulls you into his spell and just make you want to have a taste for yourself. Lips play a big part in the book of appeal, and Drew just filled all of the pages.

Drew’s hair

Drew it is again! Men with good hairstyles are all attractive, be it the messy bedhead style or the clean sweep style. Drew rocks his own clean sweep hair that matches the shape and features of his face. His hair adds more appeal to his well-kept body and a look that can make anyone fall.

Victor’s alluring jawline of the gods

Jaws that are too sharp can be on the edge of sexy and unattractive, but Victor’s jawline is perfectly in the middle, adding more attractiveness to his features and appeal.

Jay’s muscular shoulders

Quite possibly due to his biceps, Jay has tight and fit shoulders that look hard. They’re the kind that everyone wants to touch and feel.

Hollywood’s hot arms

Biceps are all the rage, Hollywood’s however, is adding fuel to the fire. His muscular arms look very much strong and dependable, along with very attractive biceps that come with it.

Jonny’s broad chest

Man boobs are totally not hot, but pecs are the new thing now. Jonny’s pecs are a pair that you’d never want to miss. In partner with his broad chest that makes people want to get their hands on, Jonny’s pair never disappoints.

Matt’s abs

Abs would never go out of style. A lot of males aspire to have great washboard and rock hard abs. But achieving such a feat has never been easy. A lot of time and dedication is to be offered just for great abs. Matt’s abs do not disappoint and are more hard to find than a rare Pokemon.

Jacob’s perfect size legs

Believe it or not girls are not too much of a fan apparently of massive legs but also having stick legs doesn’t really attract that much either. However lean legs with a bit more muscle can get you all you want. The girls we spoke to actually liked Jacob’s legs the most.